Qlikview Implementation for PAPADOPOULOU

Short Description: Qlikview Implementationpapadopoulou

Company Name: PAPADOPOULOU S.A.                                                                   

Year: 2015

Duration: 3 months


PAPADOPOULOU is using SAP BW data warehouse from 2010. The company needed a solution for an advanced MIS solution that would combine Sales, Costing and Budget data and present results in a smart way in order to take strategic decision faster and with accurate data. They needed a solution with non-aggregate analytical data from SAP ERP and other data sources that would overcome any performance issues.

Qlikview is implemented mainly on top of SAP ERP using the Qlikview SAP Extractor Connector, a connector that allows to use SAP ERP BW Data sources with the benefit of excellent Delta management, reusing of enhancements and user exit implemented and BI content. With more that 300 million records (analytical conditions from billing documents) Qlikview present Volume, Revenue, Cost, Discount, Rebates data for two years vs budget, does the distribution of marketing and logistics cost  from FI-CO resulting to an EBIDA P/L statement per Customer & Material.

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