Implementation of Contracts Management Project for Nea Odos Inc.

Short Description: Contracts Management Project ImplementationneaOdos

Company Name: Nea Odos Inc.                                                                   

Year: 2015

Duration: 2 months


This project’s purpose was to turn the complex process of contract management into a simple and user friendly procedure. To achieve this, a Cockpit-type environment was designed and built in the context of SAP ERP based on the standard MM contract object. Through the Cockpit many features are provided to the user:

  • Creation / edit / display of contract with usage of many additional fields and data structures (tables), such as milestones, invoicing / payments, penalties and guarantees.
  • Special Features: Extension / modification / contract renewal
  • Display of the contracts group to which each contract belongs, as well as the current Status of the contract. This way, the user has a better overview of the contact’s history and changes over time.
  • Reports:
    • General report of basic data in a form of a list with selection criteria
    • More specific report which shows notifications for many useful dates such as milestone date, renewal date, end of validity date, date of letter of guarantee etc.
  • The notifications mentioned above are sent via e-mails
  • Contract level authorizations
  • Detailed log of different kind of changes made.