SAP Policyholder Lookup

Insurance sales agents are mobile by nature of their business. The SAP Policyholder Lookup mobile application enables Insurance sales agents to access policy and claim details of policyholders anywhere and anytime. Having this insight enables insurance agents to better manage and grow the business.


policy lookup


Current customer situation

Sales agents often lack access to all relevant data, to analyze their own current business and prepare for customer visits anytime, anywhere. The results are reduced revenues and inefficient processes.


Value proposition

Mobility is becoming business critical. Having all relevant information on hand and identifying a lack of insurance coverage or supporting a customer in the case of a claim will generate more business.


Outcome opportunity

  • Improve sales effectiveness and responsiveness, which leads into faster sales
  • Provide anywhere, anytime full access to all customer-, contract-, and claim-related data
  • Reduce cost due to reduced workload in the back office for providing customers with up-to-date information
  • Provide immediate awareness of relevant customer information