Mobile Claims Assistance


Late loss reports, incomplete data, and insufficient business networks lead to high claim handling and claim regulation costs, while proactive claims management enables cost reduction and increases service levels.

Immediate assistance at the point of claim is needed by multi-service providers to ensure reduced claim handling costs.



mobile claims assistance


Current customer situation

Insurers cannot provide streamlined claim capture and assistance capabilities with up-to-date technology directly to the claimant at the point of loss.


Value proposition

Create market differentiation through innovative and comprehensive customer services.

Increase customer satisfaction and build loyalty by providing innovative and comprehensive services to a claimant at “moment of truth.”


Outcome opportunity

  • Reduce administrative overhead, leading to reduction of claims and process costs through business process innovations
  • Offer superior customer services through up-to-date business process innovation
  • Reduce claim costs due to streamlined claim process collaboration with third-party service providers, like towing services or repair shops
  • Enable immediate assistance from third-party service providers, which leads to faster claim handling