Mobile Sales for SAP CRM


Sybase Mobile Sales for SAP CRM provides anywhere, anytime access to critical SAP CRM data using smartphones, such as iPhones and Windows Mobile devices. Whether at a customer site or in an airplane, your sales professionals will always have quick and reliable access to their CRM data from their mobile device of choice in order to maximize their productivity and effectiveness. The solution provides full access to SAP CRM accounts, contacts, leads, opportunities, activities and analytics all from a mobile device.


Current limitations

Current sales force automation applications have limited integration into the back end as well as limited functionality and lack of performance necessary to drive sales to telecommunications business customers. 


Value proposition

The solution covers all tasks of a telecommunications sales executive. For most activities, there is no need to call the back office to either provide or to retrieve data, documentation, and so on. This means faster sales cycles.


Outcome opportunity

Have highly effective sales executives and information flow and documentation in both directions. There is no need to carry paper documentation, as all data is always up-to-date.