SAP Work Manager

Empower your workforce with everything they need to efficiently install, inspect, maintain, and repair assets in the field. The SAP Work Manager mobile app also mitigates the risk of injury by helping workers complete safety checks and follow safe work practices.


oil gas work manager


Business Value

  • ŸIncrease field, platform, plant, pipeline and fleet performance
  • ŸImprove workforce productivity and safety
  • ŸReduce overtime and cost of maintenance
  • ŸPromote 360° view of operations
  • ŸReduce unplanned downtime

Use Cases

  • ŸEnable the maintenance side of your business
  • ŸInstall and geo-tag equipment, including meters
  • ŸView asset schematics, history, dependencies
  • ŸExecute to guided workflows
  • ŸGenerate notifications and work orders on-the-spot
  • ŸReport worker status, progress, and location


Insights and references

Companies that mobilize maintenance can reduce maintenance backlog by up to ~60%