SAP 3D Visual Enterprise Viewer

Accelerate decision making, optimize productivity, and improve quality – with software that integrates 3D visualization and business data across your value chain. With SAP Visual Enterprise applications, you can remove the obstacles that have inhibited communication between your lines of business and your customers and partners.


oil gas 3d visual ent viewer


Business Value

  • ŸEliminate inaccuracies and lost time associated with language differences, paper based transactions, and undocumented part histories
  • ŸIncrease plant, network, and fleet performance
  • ŸImprove workforce productivity and safety
  • ŸReduce overtime and cost of maintenance
  • ŸReduce unplanned downtime

Use Cases

  • ŸDeploy with SAP workforce products to maintain, inspect, repair, install, remove, select, and order parts
  • ŸView, zoom, pan, and rotate interactive 3D part and asset CAD assemblies
  • ŸPlay step-by-step component animations and work instructions


Insights and references

Companies visualizing their enterprise reduce complexity and improve productivity