SAP Precision Marketing

Today’s consumers are accustomed to a continuous onslaught of marketing. They’re adept at filtering out irrelevant campaigns and prefer brand interactions that reflect their past behavior and current context. SAP Precision Marketing enables marketers to deliver these personalized experiences, building deeper relationships and ongoing loyalty.


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Key Features

  • Combine historical data with real time contextual signals for a dynamic view of each customer
  • Boost conversion rates with one-to-one marketing messages delivered at just the right time
  • Automatically optimize campaigns according to past behavior – to further personalize interactions
  • Benefit from industry-specific use cases designed to promote your brands or those within your network
  • Get started quickly with a cloud-based solution that can scale with future growth


Business Value

  • ŸIncrease consumer loyalty with personalized shopping experiences that save time and money
  • ŸGrow revenue and market share by improving offer conversion rates and driving larger basket sizes
  • ŸMaximize return on marketing investment by gathering valuable consumer behavior data


Use Cases

  • ŸGenerate store traffic with 1:1 personalization at the point-of-decision
  • ŸUnderstand consumer shopping context – who, where, what, and when
  • ŸInterpret consumer behavior by combining profile and buying preferences with the current shopping context
  • ŸSend targeted offers, product info and personalized recommendations


Insights and references

A retailer utilizing SAP Precision Marketing experienced a

  • 10% increase in upselling/cross-selling
  • 20% increase in coupon conversions
  • 15% increase in average basket size