SAP Mobile Consumer Payments

Mobile devices aren’t just for browsing. Consumers now reach for their phones to transact, especially when it’s part of a complete, end-to-end experience. Make it easy for them to store their preferred payment instruments, and use them, to purchase goods, top-off credit balances, make P2P transfers, pay bills, and more.


mobile payments


Key Features

  • Incorporate flexible, end-to-end, mobile payment services built for retailers, banks, telcos and more
  • Enable consumers to pay using debit, credit, gift card and stored valued accounts, from their wallet
  • Reduce the cost of payment processing by deploying a stored value account program
  • Generate new revenue by offering remittances, P2P transfers, bill pay, merchant payments and more
  • Empower consumers via any mobile device, including feature phones and smart phones


Business Value

  • ŸFlexible, integrated mobile payment options
  • ŸOffers all payment instruments as pay before, pay now, and pay later in one solution
  • ŸPotential to reduce transaction costs

Use Cases

  • ŸEasy-to-use mobile transaction channel
  • ŸPayment option like gift cards, credit cards, stored value accounts and loyalty points.
  • ŸSupports SMS, mobile web, app, supplementary service data and NFC.
  • ŸmWallet and mPayment (including pay at POS)
  • ŸPost-sales service


SAP insights and references

61% Of retailers recognize the huge importance of enterprise mobility, whereas 74% have yet to implement these enablers extensively (Source: SAP Performance Benchmarking)