SAP Retail Store Ops Associate

Give your store associates easy mobile access to real-time product, sales, and inventory information – with the SAP Retail Store Ops Associate mobile app. Using an intuitive interface, associates can quickly access information in the SAP back-end system, and respond to critical customer questions without leaving the sales floor.


retail store ops assoc


Business Value

  • ŸImproves both operational execution and customer satisfaction
  • ŸTime-savings functions to achieve customer and employee satisfaction and prevent loss of sale
  • ŸOptimize inventory accuracy and replenishment
  • ŸIncludes set of easy-to-use functions

Use Cases

  • ŸAbility to answer almost any customer’s questions about inventory, price, and product details using the lookup feature – from the retail floor
  • ŸPost receiving and update inventory instantly
  • ŸCorrect inventory on the shelves or transfer products
  • ŸPerform counting and ensure an accurate inventory
  • ŸEffectively execute in-store markdowns


Insights and references

13% of retailers have advanced inventory management systems that provide inventory visibility across multiple channels (Source: SAP Enterprise Mobility Benchmarking