SAP Retail Execution

Maximize sales effectiveness in the retail channel. The SAP Retail Execution mobile app is designed for sales reps and merchandisers selling consumer packaged goods into retail stores. With this app you can enhance sale rep productivity, provide sales and marketing teams with critical insights into retail execution and maximize value from the SAP CRM app. By providing anywhere, anytime access to relevant information and functions from mobile devices, this app helps ensure that your brand and product strategies, tactics and objectives are being executed in a consistent and reliable way.



Business Value


  • Provides best practice standardized approach to implement strategic objectives at the retail level
  • Improves efficiency and effectiveness of sales reps and merchandisers leading to higher sales/profits
  • Win at the shelf by ensuring retail compliance and monitoring the success of promotions & launches


Use Cases

  • ŸPlan and execute retail visits from a mobile device
  • ŸMonitor key areas at stores via audits and surveys
  • ŸAccess previous and future visits, order history
  • ŸAccess to product information and assortments
  • ŸTake or suggest orders, process returns and manage sales and inventory
  • ŸMonitor customer performance