SAP On-Shelf Availability

Give your retail staff instant access to real-time on-shelf availability information – for increased customer satisfaction and store sales – with our mobile apps. Store associates are alerted to on-shelf availability issues before they become problems. And managers can analyze product levels, detect patterns, and take rapid corrective action.




Key Features

  • Drill down to view departments and sub-departments that have on-shelf availability issues
  • Identify products that can be replenished immediately from local stock
  • Sort and filter on-shelf availability alerts to prioritize critical items
  • Flag products for follow-up – such as entering damaged quantities or reporting as out-of-stock
  • Analyze on-shelf availability to detect patterns by day, time, or category
  • Uncover root causes and take corrective measures to prevent stocking issues from recurring


Business Value

  • ŸDetect on-shelf availability situations and take action
  • ŸOptimize on-shelf availability and resource deployment

Use Cases

  • ŸProvide historic and real-time analyses based on POS data
  • ŸAnalyze on-shelf availability (slow vs. fast movers, consumption peaks, etc.)
  • ŸCheck in real time for on-shelf availability of promotional and non-promotional products
  • ŸView real-time perpetual store inventory levels


SAP insights and references

61% of retailers recognize the huge importance of enterprise mobility, whereas 74% have yet to implement this technology extensively (Source: SAP Performance Benchmarking)