Care Circles

With Care Circles, you can collaborate with therapists and experts through a private journal, combine patient-reported data with medical records to take preventative action, and track daily progress by using real-time anonymized data about care delivery. Care Circles makes it easy to find and deliver the best care. It helps users learn about a family member's condition, share knowledge, and track daily progress. Care Circles also helps increase patient engagement by providing a platform to publish best practices, monitor patients remotely, and collect real-world evidence.




Key Features

  • Reduce the cost of care by encouraging patients to learn about and manage their own health
  • Improve healthcare outcomes and reduce readmissions by enlisting the help of patients' friends and families
  • Sponsor a private or public care guide with step-by-step instructions for specific conditions
  • Proactively combine patient-reported data with medical records to identify potential issues
  • Accelerate scientific research with aggregated data about care in real-world conditions