SAP Greece Localization - Hellenization


Elsop is considered one of the most expertised firms in Greece regarding to SAP Greece localization (formally known as Hellenization), especially in complex Roll out projects where Group's GAAPS and Rules and Local Greek GAAPS are interfering.

Due to the complexity of Greece legislation and its continuous updates and changes, SAP Hellenization was a project lasting many years. In the 90's, Elsop overcame the obstacle of SAP missing Hellenization and created the first versions of SAP's Hellenization for R/3 at TITAN CEMENT Company. Today, SAP Localization for Greece is provided with EMEA installation CD and is part of Standard SAP ERP. In fact due the number of large companies using SAP, it can be said that SAP is more localized than most of Greek local ERPs.

It has to be said that SAP's localization for Greece is not just a set of FI legal Reports but a huge set of different functionalities and applications interfering with most SAP's ERP modules (FI,CO,MM,SD,PM,PP) and its complexity needs to be well known when designing the solution (Blueprint Phase) as some decisions in design may not be compatible with Hellenization requirements.

Elsop is specialized in Greece  SAP's localization projects not only in Greek companies but in large multinational environment undertaking either the Total Roll out of Greece or only the Hellenization implementation part and Core system GAP analysis and adjustment.

List of Hellenization and Roll out projects in Greece.