SAP Hellenization in ALV and Excel

SAP Hellas has released new notes in order to provide the feature of ALV to major Hellenization reports. ALV output possibility allow a structured excel export or direct insap excel use.

greek       ALV icon             excel


This feature is avaivable for: 

  • Customer Trial Balance ALV output
  • Vendor Trial Balance ALV output
  • Vendor Ledger ALV output
  • Customer Ledger ALV output
  • Detailed Ledger ALV output
  • Warehouse Book ALV output

Although it seem as a simple feature, it has been one the major complains and request of accountant and auditors for many years as is for them a very crucial feature.

The update is compatible with most ECC versions and depends on the SP installed.

The implementation time depend on:

  • EHP and SP of SAP ECC.
  • Enhancements of standard programs or copies to new custom programs.

If you need assistance, ELSOP can help you with the update process.

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