MYF Monthly Reporting

LOGO transparent2 biggerAccording Law POL 1022/31.01.2014 the Sales & Purchases Reconciliation Report (MYF) should be submitted monthly instead of yearly. The due date for submitting the data is 02.06.2014. SAP has issued 3 notes, as part of Hellenization package, with new solution for MYF reporting, without affecting the old programs.

New solution contains new set of reports and other objects, such as:


  •  Area menu J1GM_M
  •  customer load report J_1GMYFD_M, transaction J1G4_M
  •  vendor load report J_1GMYFK_M, transaction J1G5_M
  •  import report J_1GMYFI_M, transaction J1G6_M
  •  export report J_1GMYFE_M, transaction J1GQ_M
  •  new MYF table J_1GMYF0_M, view J_1GMYF0_M_V, transaction J1GP_M
  •  new method GET_CASHREGID of BAdI J_1GMYF

Apart from implementation through SNOTE, extra development is needed. The exact development effort depends on the version of SAP since the notes are valid for ECC 6.0 but we can adapt them to any version.