SAP Screen Personas

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SAP Screen Personas makes personalization of SAP business application screens as easy as changing a PowerPoint slide. This solution provides consumer-grade personalization features that enable IT professionals and end-users to simplify their user interface quickly and easily in order to improve the visual appeal, end-user productivity, and performance of SAP. This solution requires no programming skills or knowledge of SAP systems. Being easy to install and intuitive to use, SAP Screen Personas enables all the functionality of the standard SAP GUI with the personalized environment of the new web-based UI layer in which a user can drag and drop certain fields and functionality. User productivity and satisfaction are improved since only the essential screen elements are provided, allowing users to complete business transactions faster and more accurately with fewer data entry fields and reduced scrolling. Repetitive tasks are automated and complex screens are simplified with prefilled fields and pull-down menus.


Personas Basic Functions


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SAP Screen Personas Components

SAP Screen Personas Relies on 4 components:

  • SAP Netweaver ABAP Basis
  • Kernel / ITS
  • Personas Add-On (Installs on Server)
  • Personas App (Runs in Browser)


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