Healthcare organizations are looking for ways to deliver high quality, cost-effective care both in the hospital and in the community, while at home. And they are looking for technology to help them provide patients with better, more personalized care. SAP's solutions for healthcare: -enable seamless enterprise-wide workflows with one integrated view of clinical and operational processes across the continuum of care -provide the information and insights needed anytime, anywhere which allows healthcare organizations to improve operational processes and productivity, improving the bottom line -foster accountability and improvement with the capabilities to better measure outcomes and KPIs -promote real-time interaction and collaboration between patients and caregivers to improve the coordination of care -allow healthcare professionals and healthcare to be mobile using any device -help both providers and payers better manage their patient populations and incent better health.

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Care Circles

With Care Circles, you can collaborate with therapists and experts through a private journal, combine patient-reported data with medical records to take preventative action, and track daily progress by using real-time anonymized data about care delivery. Care Circles makes it easy to find and deliver the best care. It helps users learn about a family member's condition, share knowledge, and track daily progress. Care Circles also helps increase patient engagement by providing a platform to publish best practices, monitor patients remotely, and collect real-world evidence.

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SAP Clinical Task Tracker

With the SAP Clinical Task Tracker mobile app for Android, you have easy, secure access to clinical tasks assigned to your patients anywhere and anytime. The app connects to clinical back-end systems and allows healthcare professionals to view patients’ clinical tasks and review and confirm tasks created with the SAP EMR Unwired mobile app.

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SAP Inventory Manager

Make sure that parts and equipment are always available to enable timely and efficient maintenance of field assets. With SAP Inventory Manager mobile app, precise tracking and paperless management of inventory helps you increase productivity, lower costs, optimize your supply chain, and improve customer service.

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SAP EMR Unwired

With the SAP EMR Unwired mobile app for Android, physicians and nurses have easy, secure access to patient data right at the point of care. The app connects to clinical back-end systems, including hospital information and imaging systems (PACS), and displays the patient’s data in a clear and easy-to-read format on the Android device.

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