SAP for Utilities solutions support role-specific business processes in the utilities industry, addressing the needs of companies in the generation, transmission and distribution, retail and services, water, and waste and recycling segments.

The utility industry is in the middle of an unprecedented transformation. While dealing with the fallout from a global financial crisis, utilities must meet daunting regulatory, environmental, operational, and technological challenges.

In today’s rapidly evolving energy environment, some utilities are choosing to pursue inorganic growth through mergers and acquisitions. Others, however, are taking a more proactive, growth-oriented approach. These companies are building an active energy portfolio by leveraging key resources ad core competencies while deemphasizing noncore activities.

Many leading utility companies whether challenged by regulators or driven by internal goals; they understand that innovation is the key to long-term growth and market leadership.

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SAP Utilities Customer Engagement

Get an easier, more convenient way to manage all aspects of your utility accounts – with the SAP Utilities Customer Engagement mobile app. This app can help you access and change account information, pay bills, view important news, and report service issues – right from your mobile device.

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SAP 3D Visual Enterprise Viewer

Accelerate decision making, optimize productivity, and improve quality – with software that integrates 3D visualization and business data across your value chain. With SAP Visual Enterprise applications, you can remove the obstacles that have inhibited communication between your lines of business and your customers and partners.

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SAP CRM Service Manager

Outstanding service in the field is the key to customer loyalty. This is especially true in today’s increasingly competitive service market. Quick response and resolution are paramount to success. However, to do so profitably and sustainably requires improving workforce productivity and optimizing your field service operations.

Empower your field technicians with the SAP® CRM Service Manager mobile app to reduce your service costs, boost service levels, and increase service revenue.

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SAP Work Manager

Empower your workforce with everything they need to efficiently install, inspect, maintain, and repair assets in the field. The SAP Work Manager mobile app also mitigates the risk of injury by helping workers complete safety checks and follow safe work practices.

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SAP Mobile On-Site Billing

No matter which industry, customer demands rise steadily. At the same time your work processes become more complex and cost-intensive. Put paid to this development now: Speed up your processes, optimize your services and reduce your expenses. Manage your processes quickly, efficiently and accurately. With Mobile On-Site Billing you cannot only provide high-level functionality and work processes on-site but also make your entire operational processes more efficient, saving you time and cost-intensive mail orders. How is this possible? Targeting the weak points is the solution.

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SAP Rounds Manager

Magnify the value of routine condition monitoring, meter reading, and field measurements by recording more accurate data and analyzing it faster. With SAP Rounds Manager mobile app, users can take immediate action when they find a potential problem by generating work orders and notifications on the spot.

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