SAP EHS Safety Issue

Don't let any employee safety issue go undetected. Enlist your entire workforce in maximizing employee safety by enabling them to quickly log issues with the SAP EHS Safety Issue mobile app. Reports go from their mobile device – anytime, anywhere – right into your EHS incident management solution.


ehs safety issue


Business Value

  • ŸQuick and easy way to report any safety concerns
  • ŸProactively reduce operational risks
  • ŸActively engages employees in improving safety
  • ŸReduces injuries and environmental incidents


Use Cases

  • ŸSubmit safety issues with a mobile device, directly upon detection, following a simple and clear method
  • ŸAttach up to four pictures or videos of an observation
  • ŸAttach an audio recording of observation details
  • ŸTrack the status of observations


SAP insights and references

36% of companies have implemented employee engagement and behavioral science programs and track results