The SAP Sales Portfolio for Banking helps banks to deliver differentiated products and services to customers by enabling timely delivery of tailored bank products, product bundles and services across all customer interactions. It also reduces overall costs & complexity by streamlining all core banking processes while simplifying configurations and services. The Banking Sales Portfolio also helps banks to make optimal business decisions by providing trusted real-time insight into bank operations and pro-active management of enterprise-wide risk and compliance.

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SAP Customer Loyalty Mobile App

Deliver a personal, engaging mobile experience your customers will love. SAP Customer Loyalty is a customizable mobile app the enables consumer facing brands to build stronger relationships with their customers. Boost customer loyalty, transaction volumes, and conversion rates.

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SAP Mobile Inclusive Banking

Attracting new deposits doesn’t require a costly branch network expansion. Mobile opens new doors, enabling banks to efficiently reach new customers. For billions of consumers with a feature phone or smartphone, but without a formal bank account, it’s freedom – security, convenience and reliability.

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SAP Precision Marketing

Today’s consumers are accustomed to a continuous onslaught of marketing. They’re adept at filtering out irrelevant campaigns and prefer brand interactions that reflect their past behavior and current context. SAP Precision Marketing enables marketers to deliver these personalized experiences, building deeper relationships and ongoing loyalty.

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SAP Omnichannel Banking

Renew your customer relationships – even out of the branch – with omnichannel banking solutions that meet their changing expectations. Bring value to customers and increase profitability with new, channel-specific services. And achieve customer satisfaction with convenient, simple, and harmonized transactions.

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