SAP Fiori

Introducing SAP Fiori - Keeping Simple Things Simple


People using SAP solutions want the same ease of use with their enterprise software that they get with their consumer apps. CIOs, on the other hand, want these solutions to be simple to implement, and to work on all mobile devices and desktops. SAP Fiori apps make it possible to meet all these expectations.

One of SAP's newest offerings, SAP Fiori, is a collection of apps designed to be simple and easy to use for the most common SAP software functions that work seamlessly across devices – desktop, tablet, and smart phone. It includes over 190 apps for the most frequently used business functions, such as workflow approvals, information lookups, and self-service tasks.

SAP Fiori offers various business roles a simple, easy-to-use experience for SAP software functions, and works seamlessly on desktop, tablet, or smartphone.


SAP Fiori is providing tremendous business benefits, including:
• Increased employee productivity and satisfaction
• Reduced work completion time
• Increased adoption of business processes





SAP Fiori App Types


SAP Fiori wave 1

First wave of 25 apps


SAP Fiori wave 2

Second wave of 190 apps


SAP Fiori Architecture Overview





SAP Fiori limitations

Fiori is not a mobile platform. With SAP Fiori, you do not see terms like Mobile Business Objects (MBO), offline synchronization management/monitoring, device management etc. which are functionalities that a typical mobile platform provides

Fiori is based on SAPUI5/HTML5. Therefore, it is only designed to run in a browser or through a hybrid container, not as native app.

SAP backend only – currently, Fiori is designed to run with SAP backend only.