Qsap is a prepackaged solution designed by ELSOP Consulting group giving the possibility to SAP customer to unlock heir data and get business discovery dashboard in days into Qlikview or QlikSence Products. It consist from a set of extractors for the most important SAP modules, SAP BW, authorization integration and a set of Qlik Docs with dashboards for exploring those data.

The Solution solve the “Delta Problem”, benefit from “SAP BI Content”, integrate with Process chain for excellent monitoring and replicate the roles and auth objects already developed in SAP.

Solution Scope


SAP ERP Modules


Qsap Consist of different solution covering most importatn ERP modules:

  • QsapSD
  • QsapMM
  • QsapPS
  • QsapPP
  • QsapHR
  • QsapFI_V (FI Payables)
  • QsapFI_GL (General Ledger)
  • QsapFI_C (FI Receivables)
  • QsapCO

Authorization integration: Qsap authorization

BW Integration wihtout OLAP but SQL Connection: QsapBW 

Solution Benefits

Implicit Delta Capture


The Delta problem is the problem of tracking a change of an old document. It is easy to find a new document based on a timestamp but it became very difficult to treat the change of the quantity or a value in sales order that was created 1 month ago. Not only you need to find the change but you need to adjust the value or quantity to the new one. Most companies implementing Qlikview in SAP systems deals with that by trying to find all the changes of a date and overwrite the data or overwrite 3 months data every day. This is dangerous as data can be lost and very bad performance wise. 

Qsap deals with this problem in a different way. Qsap is declared in the SAP ERP system as a "BW System" logical system name. All Datasource are activate for this system and delta is capture by SAP ERP as it would done for a BW system. Qsap just gets the delta and send a message to empty the queue.

BI content Benefit


Another great benefit of this approach is that a Qlikview developer does not need to be an SAP database expert. SAP provides within its ERP plenty Data Source for all its modules into which sophisticated code has been developed to extract data and present then in a tabular form. Qsap is using this functionality and the deployment is much faster than with any other approach.

BI Content in SP ERP consist of:

  • More than 1000 Transaction Data Sources.
  • More than 700 Master Attributes Data Sources.
  • More than 700 Texts Data Sources.

We just consume them !

Process chain Integration

Process Chains

Process chains are the monitoring tools of SAP BW in the ETL process. Qsap integrates with SAP BW process chains. But even if you don't have any BW system implemented we can deploy the Process chain logic into your ERP. Very few companies that a dormant BW system exist in their ERP. If you try to logon into client 000 and type tcode RSA1 or RSPC you will see all the BW features there. OF course a full BW implementation should always be done in a separate system for performance reason. But why not use the process chain mechanism and all those sophisticated standard SAP monitoring ETL tools in Qlikview. This is what we do with Qsap.


Ready Dashboard for Qlikview


Qsap provides a set of Qlikview Dashboard based ont he above mentioned extractor in order to give an instant access to companies to their SAP data and explore them ritgh away. It is based of a template theme that can be adjusted to your needs.





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