SAP Sales Manager

Meet customer needs faster, better, and more effectively than the competition. The SAP Sales Manager mobile app combines innovative business processes with leading edge technology – so your sales reps can collaborate and execute lead-to-quote-to-order processes anytime, anywhere, on any mobile device.


sales manager


Key Features

  • Reduce call planning and execution times
  • Speed up the sales cycle by creating quotes and opportunities on the go
  • Locate and call customers "Near Me" to reduce inefficient travel and wait times
  • Collaborate with colleagues by creating, assigning and accepting tasks, leads, and opportunities
  • This application is powered by SAP Mobile Platform giving you total configuration flexibility, offline access and ability to run natively on any device


Business Value

  • ŸEnable Sales Reps to execute Lead-to-Order Sales processes from a mobile device
  • ŸProvides Account, Contact, Lead, Opportunity management supporting Call Planning and Execution process


Use Cases

  • Access SAP CRM accounts, contacts, leads, opportunities, quotes, orders, and CRM Calendar in real time
  • Plan calls with pre-built tools, including account factsheets, surveys, marketing attributes and search
  • Find nearby leads, contacts, and customers through seamless GPS integration


Insights and references

Benefits realized include:

  • More timely and accurate recording of sales call results;
  • Quick access to information about the customer;
  • The right information at the sales person’s fingertips;
  • Quick updating of key attributes creates rich customer information and
  • Survey results critical to future evaluation of the campaign.