SAP Analytical Ledger


Due to simplification of legal business environment in Greece, the “Data Code regulation” (K.B.S) has been replaced by “Code of Tax Representation of Business transactions” (K.F.A.S) and the partial reintroduction of Analytical Ledger for Inventory has taken place. These changes have effect as of 01.01.2013 and all companies with revenues more than 5m euro per material category (Trading or manufactured goods) are included.

    The changes introduced by the new K.F.A.S, regarding account 94 of Analytical Ledger for Inventories can be covered by the respective standard Hellenization programs by using a new set of Greek G/L Accounts for the A/L postings and maintaining the Hellenization tables, that are related to account determination for A/L. Additional Information can be found on the following SAP note.

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