SAP helps retailers with real-time, cross channel capabilities for seamless experiences to meet fast-changing customer demand. Customer Insight helps plan and develop the right merchandise assortments, pricing and promotions that match the local needs of customers. Customer Driven Supply Network improves product availability and exceeds customer service goals with real time visibility and integrated planning and execution across channels. Customer Interaction is based on preferences and lifestyle choices - no matter how customers choose to engage.


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SAP Shopper Experience

According to the Google Shopper Marketing Council, 79% of smartphone owners use their mobile devices to research and buy products. Give them the shopping experience they crave. Our mobile shopper app – customizable to your brand identity – delivers a personalized experience that will combat showrooming and capture consumer mindshare.

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SAP Retail Execution

Maximize sales effectiveness in the retail channel. The SAP Retail Execution mobile app is designed for sales reps and merchandisers selling consumer packaged goods into retail stores. With this app you can enhance sale rep productivity, provide sales and marketing teams with critical insights into retail execution and maximize value from the SAP CRM app. By providing anywhere, anytime access to relevant information and functions from mobile devices, this app helps ensure that your brand and product strategies, tactics and objectives are being executed in a consistent and reliable way.

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SAP Customer Loyalty

Deliver a personal, engaging mobile experience your customers will love. SAP Customer Loyalty is a customizable mobile app the enables consumer facing brands to build stronger relationships with their customers. Boost customer loyalty, transaction volumes and conversion rates.

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SAP Inventory Manager

Make sure that parts and equipment are always available to enable timely and efficient maintenance of field assets. With SAP Inventory Manager mobile app, precise tracking and paperless management of inventory helps you increase productivity, lower costs, optimize your supply chain, and improve customer service.

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SAP Precision Marketing

Today’s consumers are accustomed to a continuous onslaught of marketing. They’re adept at filtering out irrelevant campaigns and prefer brand interactions that reflect their past behavior and current context. SAP Precision Marketing enables marketers to deliver these personalized experiences, building deeper relationships and ongoing loyalty.

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SAP On-Shelf Availability

Give your retail staff instant access to real-time on-shelf availability information – for increased customer satisfaction and store sales – with our mobile apps. Store associates are alerted to on-shelf availability issues before they become problems. And managers can analyze product levels, detect patterns, and take rapid corrective action.

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SAP Mobile Consumer Payments

Mobile devices aren’t just for browsing. Consumers now reach for their phones to transact, especially when it’s part of a complete, end-to-end experience. Make it easy for them to store their preferred payment instruments, and use them, to purchase goods, top-off credit balances, make P2P transfers, pay bills, and more.

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SAP CRM Service Manager

Maximize the value your field technicians can generate by providing them with mobile access to the information and tools they need. With SAP Service Manager, you can reduce costs by enabling more efficient and effective service calls; and enhance customer relations by providing on-schedule delivery of services by issue-informed and parts-equipped technicians.

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SAP Sales Manager

Meet customer needs faster, better, and more effectively than the competition. The SAP Sales Manager mobile app combines innovative business processes with leading edge technology – so your sales reps can collaborate and execute lead-to-quote-to-order processes anytime, anywhere, on any mobile device.

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SAP Business Objects Mobile

Provide your team with secure access to critical business intelligence on any device, no matter where they are. Our mobile BI app, SAP BusinessObjects Mobile, is designed to help you stay competitive in today's global, "always on" business environment.

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SAP Retail Store Ops Associate

Give your store associates easy mobile access to real-time product, sales, and inventory information – with the SAP Retail Store Ops Associate mobile app. Using an intuitive interface, associates can quickly access information in the SAP back-end system, and respond to critical customer questions without leaving the sales floor.

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