Nearline Storage for Big Data


Make optimal use of your data potential!

Both large and small companies within all industries have a great need to generate useful business information from fast-growing volumes of data. However, the management and analysis of the huge volumes of data require use of the most up-to-date technology and corresponding investment in hardware and software.
Large volumes of data significantly increase the effort and costs involved in operating SAP ERP and BW systems. At the same time, performance is usually reduced, resulting in increased dissatisfaction among users. In-memory databases should provide relief in future. However they are expensive.


PBS Nearline Storage for archived data

PBS provides nearline storage solutions for SAP BW and ERP that directly address the problems of high-volume SAP applications. The respective PBS solution for SAP ERP with its deep integration of both nearline as well as classical archiving technology is currently unique.


Column Oriented database

column based

Column-oriented database technology has meanwhile also long since found its place within the PBS development. Column-based relational databases store data in columns as opposed to the widely-used line-oriented databases. Particularly in data stocks with very many different attributes per entity, this technology offers on the one hand high-performance accesses thanks to high compression rates and, on the other hand, each column itself contains an index and in this way enables fast filtering/sorting of the data.

PBS NAI product can be combined with Sybase IQ for optimal performance and big data soace management.

Sybase IQ offers:

  • More than 80% data compresion for SAP Nearline data.
  • Faster data access to SAP archived data from 5 to 10 times without indexes or aggregates.